Something Hilarious and Sweet Happened Today


Something hilarious and sweet happened to me today, of all days. It started out with me doing laundry (I use washtubs and a board) and I’d just got done with all the shirts when a neighbor I rarely see and who has never been to my house stopped by. First, I’m naked, cuz who does laundry with clothes on, right. So I ran in the house as I heard the car coming down the drive and found a robe. It’s an elderly lady (I’m in my 60’s so you can see she must be close to death) and she is trying to rustle a garbage bag out of her car.

She precedes to tell me that she doesn’t want to offend me or hurt my feelings but she has collected some clothes for me. (I suppose I should mention that I am a self-imposed hermit type and rarely venture into town.) She tells me that there is some talk going around in town that I am an old widow woman without friends or family that lives back in the woods without water or electricity and every time someone sees me I’m wearing the same clothes.
I just stood there and started laughing. She thought I’d lost my mind of course until I asked her to walk over to my laundry line. I explained to her that I got a fantastic deal of .50 each on some brand new tee shirts and had bought every single one they had. I showed her four of the dozen I own, hanging there. We both had a good laugh and she said it was her duty to set the town straight, now that she knows the “truth”.

I offered her a drink and we sat and talked a bit. She said to keep the clothes and offered me the use of her washing machine, which I declined. Today has been a great day.

Onward in Strength,

Mary Lotus